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Changzhou Onmy Tools Co., Ltd. 

Promoter of domestic tool grinding concepts and grinding standards

Changzhou Onmy Tools Co., Ltd. was established in 2014. The brand is ONMY TOOLINGS. It is a young enterprise integrating production and trade. The company has an advanced carbide cutting insert production line and product testing line. The company is committed to the research and development of new cutting blade materials and the localization of cutting tools, specializing in the design and production of hard fully ground CNC tools (die-base knives, high-gloss aluminum knives, heat-resistant alloy rotors, non-standard special-shaped products). The company has an independent tool R&D department, development department, tool test sample, testing and after-sales service in one functional organization structure, aiming to provide domestic customers with the most excellent super-hard tools, developing hardened steel, cast iron, high-gloss aluminum In the new era of processing, it serves for the company to create an unearthed brand. As the industrial teeth of the manufacturing industry, many core industries have been monopolized by foreign companies for many years. Many core industries, including the military industry, still rely mainly on imported knives. Therefore, our goal is not only to establish a brand, but to truly improve Made in China and Created in China, so that Chinese companies can use their own products.

We accept custom-made CNC cutters such as flat milling cutters, round nose cutters, ball cutters, aluminum cutters, internal and external cold drills, groove cutters, worm cutters, hub cutters, etc. Tailor-made for you and the tools you need, every Angmei people are working hard, and the quality of Angmei is worthy of your trust.